Since our inception in 2017, we have been leading the way in responsible beauty, especially when it comes to our product packaging. We take our responsibility of helping save our oceans very seriously, and so we are constantly striving to improve our processes to have the least impact on our planet – you can find out about our Responsibility Commitment in our article.

Continuing Development

We recognise that this continuing development will become more important as we grow as a brand. From 2017 until the end of 2021 all orders received through our website were shipped in silver bubble packs; these were great at protecting the products within and were completely recyclable. They were also popular among our customers who loved receiving their products in their shiny packaging.

Going Even Greener

While the bubble packs are recyclable, we wanted to do more; we wanted to be kinder to the environment and so we set about eradicating the use of ANY virgin plastic in our operations and these shiny silver bubble bags are the last thing to go.

From February 2022, we will be using new padded bags for our website orders. They are made from recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable material; making them the best eco-friendly alternative to the padded jiffy bag while offering the same protection for your orders.

The padding in the new bags is made from a unique corrugated material, as well as an impact-resistant mesh for improved rigidity and durability, so your products arrive in perfect condition.

We are delighted to be making this change and hope that the transition from shiny silver to manilla isn’t too traumatic.

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