The Science

It takes a sophisticated process to unlock the true power of a grain of rice – a task undertaken by our team in the Oryza laboratory. The phytosterol-content in Rice Germ Oil is extremely dermo-compatible and has emollient and humectant properties that are highly nourishing to the skin. Rice germ oil is a treasure chest […]

Our Key Ingredient – Rice

Oryza Sativa ōˈrīzə From Ancient Greek ὄρυζα (óruza) There are over 40,000 varieties of cultivated rice from the grass species Oryza sativa., many of which have evolved to fulfil a dietary staple for many countries A key extract that can be isolated from Oryza Sativa (Rice) is a light yellow oil expressed from rice bran […]

FAQ and Allergy Advice

Are your products Cruelty Free? We strongly believe in and are charitable supporters of animal welfare, Oryza Beauty (Eton Rock Brands) pledges to be cruelty free. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure all of our formulations and their raw ingredients and even packaging have no animal cruelty associations and minimal impact on the environment, […]